Hello World.

Welcome to the new redesigned home of Andrew Sun.

I’ve been running this site for over 5 years already. The previous major redesign of the site was in 2013, and has since become harder to maintain and keep running. It’s time that I’ve redesigned everything, from the ground up.


The new website features an elegant and clean design, along with major performance improvements. The old colorful logos and silly animations have been removed. The infrastructure serving the pages you see has been rebuilt from the ground up with performance in mind.

There may be some issues that I may have not ironed out at this point. If you encounter any issues with the website, please tell me about it.

Upcoming blog posts will discuss what I did to make this website. And yes, I promise to write on this blog more often, hopefully more than once a year. 😜

5 thoughts on “Hello World.”

    1. This is actually my own fork of the Twenty Fifteen theme, with extensive modifications.

  1. Can you do something about the font size? Or maybe it’s the CSS.

    It should be reduced to about 3/4 of its size to be comfortably readable. As it is, it’s just awkward and looks like it’s been conceived for elderly people with eye problems.

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